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Dredging & Marine Construction

In the Dredging & Marine Construction industry, the Acta Marine fleet is deployed during land reclamation, coastal defense and port construction projects. We use various types of vessels for these projects, such as Multicats, Tugs, Shoalbusters, 4 Point Mooring Support Vessels, Survey Vessels and Crew Transfer Vessels. Most of the vessels have an operational draft of less than two meters. These multi-purpose vessels and the broad experience of our crew are supportive during projects in coastal and shallow waters. 


The vessels of Acta Marine are diverse and equipped with a large variety of materials, for instance with deck cranes, anchor handling systems, hydraulic packs and generators. Moreover, the international crew carry out their work in a professional manner and in a reliable and secure working environment. Our clients can rely on us when they need a single or multiple vessels to efficiently execute their projects.

Oil & Gas

The Acta Marine vessels are active in the worldwide Oil & Gas industry. We assist a German client in a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a number of Shallow Draft Support Vessels. We supply a Shallow Draft Crew Transfer Vessel, Shallow Draft Supply Vessel and a Safety Standby Vessel. Acta Marine also operates in the Oil & Gas industry outside of Europe. Our workboats provide maintenance and general support for Single Point Mooring (SPM)/ Floating Storage and Offloading (FSO) in the Middle East, Africa, Central America and the Caspian Sea. 


Acta Marine was the first maritime service provider to introduce support and maintenance services for SPM/ FSO by using Multicats in West Africa. Our versatile vessels can perform multiple operations during the maintenance window of a SPM/ FSO. The multi-functionality of our vessels makes it possible for the Anchor Handling Vessels to also provide additional support during the construction of pipelines.

Offshore Wind

For the Offshore Wind industry Acta Marine operates vessels during the planning, construction and maintenance phase of offshore wind farms in Europe. In addition, our vessels play an important role in the preparations: the DP Multicat, for instance, is used for geotechnical research (CPT). Our DP Multicats can also execute a so-called unexploded ordnance (UXO) investigation. When required, these vessels can immediately clean up discovered explosives. 


During the construction phase of offshore wind farm parks, Acta Marine offers support with Tugs, Crew Transfer Vessels, Shallow Draft Vessels and Survey Vessels. Our large DP Multicats offer assistance during ROV maintenance activities and the Cable Burial Vessels specialize in the implementation of burial and remedial burial of export cables in water depths ranging from two to twenty meters.