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Shallow water

Shallow draft vessels

With a fleet of over forty workboats, Acta Marine also offers Multicats and Tugs for coastal and shallow waters. These vessels account for about eighty percent of the entire fleet. Worldwide, Acta Marine owns and operates the most shallow draft vessels in the world; most of the vessels have an operational depth of only two meters. An important feature of these vessels is the ability to fall dry. 


Multicats and Tugs for shallow waters 

Offshore staff receives training to ensure they can responsibly operate the vessels in shallow waters. Take the Dutch Wadden Sea, for example, near the home port of Acta Marine. This very shallow part of the North Sea stretches along the north coast of the Netherlands and Germany and the west coast of Denmark. During low tide large areas along this coast fall dry. The Multicats and Tugs for coastal and shallow waters can be used effectively under these circumstances. 


Shallow draft vessels outside Europe

Acta Marine’s experience in shallow waters reaches beyond Europe. In addition to the Dutch and German Wadden Sea, the vessels are also deployed in projects in the Middle East, West Africa, Venezuela, Australia, the Caspian Sea, and other regions in the world. Acta Marine operates with local and regional partners worldwide to offer clients a customized solution.

Featured customized solution

The Coastal Legend and Coastal Liberty were completely refurnished and renewed in 2012 and 2013 for a long-term contract in Germany. We offered the client a customized solution for a project in ultra shallow draft. Sara Maatje IX and Sara Maatje XII, respectively, were extended by nine meters and all of the engines and navigation systems were replaced. Furthermore, the vessels were adapted to meet the latest environmental requirements, by placing antifouling and engines that have less impact on the environment. The result: two newly designed Shallow Draft Supply Vessels suitable for ultra shallow draft.