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Pipeline burrial

Cable & pipeline burial

Several Shallow Draft Cable & Pipeline Burial Vessels are part of Acta Marine’s fleet and are used for cable burial and cable or pipeline remedial burial projects. The vessels have been specifically designed as cable burial vessels, because of the special dredging installations that can be found on these vessels. 


Method cable & pipeline burial 

The trenching pipe, with an advanced jet installation, is lowered onto the seabed. The material is then liquefied and removed from the trench for the 3D-scanner to get a clear view. When the position of the object is determined, the trench is further lowered to the designated depth. Once the trench is moving forward, the cable slips in. During this process, the so-called ‘educator’ or pipe is never in contact with the cable. Therefore, cable damage is highly unlikely.

Cable & pipeline burial projects

Acta Marine has, among others, operated in the following projects with the Shallow Draft Cable & Pipeline Burial Vessels: 

  • Cable & pipeline burial at the Dutch Wadden Sea; 
  • Shore end cable burial of the four London Array cables in the United Kingdom; 
  • Cable burial of the four London Array cables, wherein the Britnet cable in the United Kingdom was crossed; 
  • Cable burial of a repaired cable connection of Lincs Windfarm at the United Kingdom; 
  • Cable burial of the Britnet cable along the coast of the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.