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Company profile

Acta Marine is a worldwide market leader in the operation of coastal and shallow draft workboats.


Our company was established in 1970 and today we own over fifty different vessels, which are used for projects of a large variety of clients. The main focus is on shallow water projects, although most of the vessels can also be used in deepsea waters. Acta Marine specializes in cable burial and cable or pipeline remedial burial projects in coastal and shallow waters, and is the innovator of the DP Multicats. These specialties enable us to offer the best and most effective solutions to our clients in the Dredging & Marine Construction, Oil & Gas and Offshore Wind industry. 


Acta Marine started out as a family-owned business. Our focus is on long-lasting relationships with clients and long-term continuity of our services. We therefore continuously invest in the relationships with clients, the maintenance of the fleet, and training of personnel. We truly believe our employees are the key our success; they are crucial for our reputation as a professional and reliable maritime service provider. 


Acta Marine was founded over forty years ago. Years of knowledge and experience are now used to further develop our maritime services. This is how Acta Marine is able to maintain its position as a worldwide market leader for coastal and shallow waters.


We live in a changing world. Global population is rapidly expanding – especially in coastal zones. Climate change is having a major impact on coastal regions and offshore waters. Furthermore, the world’s energy needs are increasing and energy supplies are diversifying.

Coastal infrastructure and offshore energy developments are key to facing these challenges. Increasingly, maritime activities will be crucial for the sustained provision of energy, housing, trade, and food for our expanding global population.

Acta Marine acts as the trusted marine support provider in developing the coastal infrastructure and offshore energy markets.



We deliver excellent marine support for the coastal infrastructure and offshore energy markets. We work together as a team in an environment of trust, built on safety and expertise. Striving for sustainable profitability, we continuously adapt and improve our services and we are ready to take on the most challenging projects.


Core values

As a family-owned company with long-term focus, we take CARE of all aspects of our business; our clients, business partners and shareholders, our people, our assets, and the environment we work in.



Through long-term relationships with clients and business partners, we cooperate in a transparent way. With a service-oriented focus, we take care of our clients’ needs and requirements.

We operate in a safe and responsible manner and take ownership over our actions and behaviour, and show our respect for other people.

We act with integrity and do everything in our power to maintain our reputation as a trusted marine support partner. We honour our commitments and consistently deliver quality services with care for the safety and wellbeing of all involved and the environment we work in.

We build on our experience in offshore and coastal waters and continuously look for the best solutions and innovations that fit our clients’ needs. Utilizing our knowledge and expertise, we are eager to explore new markets.

Management board


From left to right:

Financial Director

Tycho Groen


Managing Director

Govert Jan van Oord


Managing Director

Rob Boer